And I Am Off

Whee! Headed to Bead & Button!! It is going to be a great time with students and all my  instructor buddies.  I will be teaching two classes and then I am actually going to take a couple of classes!! I am looking forward to learning about anodizing niobium with one of my favorite instructors -Marti Brown!! And then on Friday, something completely out ofmy comfort zone – Soutache with Amee K. Sweet-McNamara!!!  Squeee!!!


Bead & Button – Oh, My!

Bead & Button 2017 is just around the corner! It is my favorite time of the year – jewelry making by day, girls slumber party by night. Of course, teaching classes at Bead & Button means there is some work to be done – these tools and supplies are not going to pack themselves! Here is what this stage of the game looks like:

All of this will be packed and shipped to Milwaukee, where it will all be unpacked and turned into a jewelry studio on the road, complete with tools for each student!

I will be teaching a couple of my favorite classes…Metalsmithing 1-2-3 and Riveted Chain